Book Release Party



I can’t thank everyone enough for coming to celebrate the release of Every Essential Element. Over 100 people attended, and more than 70 were seated for a reading. My heart was full to have my mother, Gaye Anderson–subject of the book and in whose voice it is written–there to speak and sign books. She looked beautiful and I think she sparkled that night. My big brothers who opened their lives and allowed personal stories to be shared with the world joined with me in honoring her. I never feel safer than standing with my husband (ever behind the camera and not in front of it) and that group of fine men. The whole evening was one of those high points in life, a moment to relish that a book over four years in the making is finally out in the world. And can I also say how in love I am with Union Station’s grand lobby? It is where the opening scene of the book takes place and it echoes in almost reverent tones. The cathedral-height walls have Depression-era frescos of the transcontinental railroad’s construction which joined just west of here in 1869 and the wooden benches are beautifully worn from a hundred years of travelers. I wonder how many goodbyes and reunions took place there. How many people left for war and never came home? How many hearts burst with joy or broke forever in that hall? It is truly one of Ogden’s historic gems.

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